FTP Choices

In my review, I have got to tell you about the FTP client I currently use.

FTP Clients are used to connect to your webspace for easy File Sharing.

The client that I use would be FileZilla.  FileZilla is a free, open-source project, and is a great, stable program to use.  It is easy to prgram for your website, and it is an easy uploading tool.


It is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.  It is safe, secure, and all around just a great application.




DNS Challenge

Ok, so I have a webhost which is http://www.000webhost.com and a domain name at http://freedomain.co.nr

Only Problem I have is I cannot change my DNS like I am supposed to in order to make my site live.  It seems as if my domain provider does not have that option or service.  If I could ask for some help, that would be appreciated. 

But on behalf of the challenge, I completed the requirements besides the stupid DNS switch.  If someone can help me I will have it completed.

Thank You

DNS Information

From the information I have gathered, DNS also known as ‘Domain Name System’, is used to translate an IP Address into a domain name.  It is easier to remember a domain name compared to an IP Address.  So every time you type in a domain name like WordPress.com, that name is calculating what the IP address is and loading the site.  Every site has an IP, and with every IP address there is a site with a name.  You can get your own domain name with associated IP address by going to a Host Site such as, GoDaddy, uCoz, etc. when you have a host, you can register for a domain name, and each domain name will have an IP address to go along with it.

There is an extension you can get on Firefox, that will tell you in the corner of the site, what the domain’s IP address is.  and if you were to type that IP Address in the URL Bar, you will come across that same page as if you were to use the domain name.

So all in all, a DNS is a system used to translate IP Addresses into a Webpage. Named by the person making the site.

Cited:  http://kb.iu.edu/data/adns.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System

P2PU Challenge

P2PU Challenge

It is dark and cold out, so I thought maybe I would try using my desktop to form and shape the world of HTML. The programs could be used in the UL and LI , the is in the corner, and since each program has a name and a cited source of where they are within my OS, that could be compared to BLOCKQUOTE. With each program there is a picture, so the IMG command could be used.

Notepad++ Text Editor

The Notepad++ is one of my favorite Text Editors I have used.  There are many different kinds of editors, but this one is the cleanest, most stable software I have come across.  It formats nicely, easy to use, and helpful in many situations.  I have it pinned to my taskbar along with my powershell and python, just in case.